As designers, we spend the majority of our time seeking out and designing beautiful things. We are surrounded by the best architecture. We travel to far-reaching, gorgeous locations. Bottom line, we are fortunate to be surrounded by beauty. We are a luxury industry. We are lucky. And, we have a deep-seated desire to focus on beautiful acts in addition to beautiful things.

This nudged us to create Gild Foundation. Together, we look forward to...


We want to make people better. We are very closely and deeply affected by many diseases, especially cancer. We want to help fight this terrible disease and get closer to an ultimate cure. So many people are suffering and we have to band together and demand a cure. You know there’s one out there. We can reach the bottom of the ocean; we stepped on the moon in 1969; we landed on Mars in 1976. Surely, we are smart enough now to figure out a cure! We will help fund this mission.

We want to empower. We will focus on women’s issues. We will help children. We will lift up those who cannot do it alone. Empowered women and children create an empowered world. That sounds like a good future for all, doesn’t it?

We wish to improve. We do this all day long. We do this for fortunate individuals. We want to do it for those who are less fortunate. This one is open and broad, so we can help fund any organization or problem we encounter.